Welcome to our website!

Oasis Christian Church is a Big Family of a blend of unique rainbow people celebrating the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.
We demonstrate our love for each other by personal involvement with each other's needs, joys, crises and victories.
God is love and that is why we pray that God will fill each new covenant partner with His abundant love.
The leaders of Oasis offer the members Holy Spirit inspired Word ministry and Praise and Worship.
Powerful preaching sermons from God's treasury is the experience of each visitor who attends the Sunday Service and our Wednesday Midweek Service contains Dynamic Apostolic teachings and deep Friends Fellowship.
The result is that our members experience rapid spiritual growth and that they become proficient and equipped to share anointed Word and ministry with each other.
We concentrate on healing those who are broken-hearted, to set sinners free, to make leaders of every Christian and to equip them to take healing out to a broken world.
Oasis wants to be an instrument for healing to Christians all over South Africa, Africa and the rest of the world through our Counselling Program - Theologos School of Ministry.
While God is restoring His Church in this season we acknowledge that Son-ship is a very important principle in God's Kingdom, and our desire is to raise up sons in the Household of Oasis the way Father wants to see His Sons in His house.
We want each member to become a Son in the household of faith - a son in which the Father is well pleased!
We pray that you will enjoy this journey through our ministry departments and that it will be a blessing for you.