Oasis Christian counseling network


Oasis Christian Counselling Centre facilitates a network of counsellors in South Africa.Lay Counselors and Professional Counselors can be part of this network. Lay Counselors submit to their local church leadership and are responsible to them for effective ministry. Professional Counselors are qualified in their specific areas and responsible to their bodies of affiliation. To be part of this network, the  first year Certificate in Christian Counselling with Theologos must be successfully completed. Recommendation from your local pastor is essential. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our network.Qualified Christian counselors are available to heal broken people through the power of Jesus Christ. To achieve this, they rely on the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the skills they were taught, and prayer therapy to minister to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of people. In this process the counselors adhere to highly ethical standards.


Oasis Christian counseling network caters for all kinds of needs including…


  • Emotional Healing (Examples: Fear, Guilt, Worthlessness, Sexual Disorders, Depression, Insomnia, Rejection etc)

  • Ministry towards the Abused (Examples: Verbal Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse etc)

  • Pre and Post Abortion Ministry (Examples: No Support System, Insecurity, Fear, Guilt, Shame, Rejection etc)

  • Eating Disorders (Examples: Obesity, Anorexia, Bulimia etc)

  • Addiction Counseling (Examples:  Substance or Chemical Addictions etc)

  • Marriage, Relationship & Divorce Counseling (Examples:  Marriage & Relationship Problems, Pre-marital Counseling, Going through Divorce, Struggling after Divorce etc)

  • Child & Youth Counseling (Examples: Rebellion, Developmental Stages etc)

  • Trauma Debriefing & Counseling (Examples:  Hi-jacking, Rape, Accidents, Death etc)

  • Finances (Examples:  Mismanagement of your Finances, Debt Restructuring etc)

  • Ministry towards Prostitutes (Examples: Are you seeking acceptance through prostitution?  Prostituting yourself because of financial reasons, Shame & Guilt because of prostituting yourself in the past etc)

  • HIV/AIDS Counseling (Examples: No Support System, Guilt & Shame etc)

  • Physical Healing (Examples: Any form of Illness & Sickness, Psychosomatic Sickness etc)

  • Spiritual Warfare (Examples: Braking of Curses, Bloodline Curses, Demonic Oppression etc)

  • Ministry to Cult & Occult related situations (Examples: Exposure to, Involvement in & Affected by Cult & Occult related Situations etc) 

  • Anointing of and Spiritual Cleansing of homes. (Examples: Removal of Demonic Activities in ones Home, Taking back your property & belongings for Jesus Christ etc)
Oasis Christian Counselling Network offers counselors all across South Africa on a free basis.  The counseling, ministry, prayer, healing and anointing that you will receive is free.WE DO HOWEVER SUGGEST THE FOLLOWING DONATIONS:
  • Oasis Covenant Partners/Students:  R100 per session
  • & R150+ per session for others.
These donations will go towards covering the running costs for things like the facility, administration costs, telephone costs & the availability of the counselors. During office hours counselors are available to minister to all who are in need of counseling. Appointments can be made at 011 979 3917 or 082 854 2409 during office hours.Please feel free to contact us and send us your questions and advice.




Deon Palmer Coordinator - Counseling Network SA counselling@disciple.co.za




If you have completed your Certificate in Christian Counselling and want to form part of the Oasis Christian Counselling Network please contact Deon at our offices or email Deon at counselling@disciple.co.za in order for him to forward you the necessary application forms.

Being part of this network means that:

•   We will refer people who need counselling in your area to you.
•   We will provide you with information regarding the latest news regarding Christian counselling. 
•   We will provide you with information you may need regarding specific counselling issues.
•   We will inform you about upcoming counselling workshops. 
•   You can contact us with any queries regarding certain counselling sessions that you      are experiencing 
problems with.
•   We will help you make the necessary referrals if needed


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