Discipleship Development Program



The Last Command of Jesus before He left the earth was:"Go and MAKE DISCIPLES ..."God gave me a unique program to develop disciples quick and effectively through cell and small group ministry.The Discipleship Development Program can become one of the best evangelism tools to disciple people quick and effective.Jesus discipled 12 men in 3 years to do what He did and to impact the world.John14:12    “I tell you the truth; anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”The Discipleship Development Program is a unique way of planting a new church and is a cell-church multiplication model.A Disciple is someone who not only follows Jesus, but also becomes like Him and does what He did. God wants to make a dynamic disciple out of you - not only a convert - to do the works of Jesus.We are committed to equip and develop you as a disciple of Jesus ChristAbove mentioned training program consists of:
  • 35 Cell type training sessions (1 year) of about 90 minutes each 6 practical outreach sessions
  • A manual for the cell leader to conduct the 35 sessions effectively Recorded on DVD.

This is not the same program as the Certificate in Christian Counseling.  The same material that has been used for the Certificate in Christian Counseling is been used, but just on a lower level and with less information.  This program acts as a preparation year for those who wanted to be trained officially for ministry and counseling.

Cost of the Discipleship Development Program


Excluding postage / packaging and handling costs. NO MATERIAL WILL BE GIVEN ON CREDIT!
  • Extra Leaders Manual can be purchase at R50.00 each.

Payment options:1.   Cash:  R700.00.  Receive the full set off DVD’s.2.   Cash:  R200.00 per module (You will then receive the specific manuals and the DVD's as you make a payment)Payments can be made by: cheque, credit card or cashPlease note that postage is not included, provision of about R50.00 must be made.

Please email your order to Sarel jnr: books@theologos.co.za