Our Vision 
1.      To build the Temple of God, His Church, the Body of Jesus Christ, the Building of God, His Army and His sons
2.      To establish the Kingdom of God/Heaven on earth; to restore dominion to rule to God’s sons
3.      To restore every son and daughter of the Father to the image of His Son; ‘Christ in us’ 


Our Mission 
To build His Temple by the only pattern given to man, the pattern of Christ, endeavoring to build solely by those measures and guidelines provided by the Scriptures, through the accurate expounding, teaching and living thereof. 
To establish His Kingdom on earth by the adherence to, and subsequent exercise of, true apostolic governmental authority. Acknowledging, honoring and following the examples set by those placed over us in the Lord, for our good, as well as that of the greater Body and the community.

The giving of our lives in order to engage in a process where the Image of the Son is restored in and through us, so that the world will see Christ manifested, resulting in lasting transformation in the community. This we will endeavor to accomplish through personal interaction, our church services, training seminars, healing and counselling ministry as well as conferences.